Portfolio Updates

Oh goodie!  Portfolio Updating Day!

[insert the sound of clapping hands here.]

I get so busy with all of this writing, and the attention that Writing The Girl requires and receives, that I forget I have an online portfolio blog as well.  So, every couple of months, I go crazy and publish all of the images I have been working on.

So, my post for today is actually found spread out over 3 posts on View Finder (click here!)

Yes, many of these images have been featured in my daily blog posts, but the truth about my photography is that I am constantly shooting to build my repertoire.  My images help my words and my words help my images.  The results are displayed in both faucets of my creative life.

And creativity RULES my life!

So, please go have a look on my ever-expanding gallery.  I hope you enjoy and would love your feedback…

“Perfect Landing” -Just published on View Finder, click to see!

5 thoughts on “Portfolio Updates

    1. This one was actually taken with my zoom – not technically a macro shot. I did get close to him though…I was surprised (and glad) he didn’t fly away too quickly. 🙂

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