Some Puff-Balls, Horns and Bills

I just love going to new places and seeing things I have never seen before.  I also love sharing my discoveries.

This is why – and I can’t stress this enough – my camera is with me at all times.  You never know when you will spend a day with a bunch of really cute animals….

As a former City Girl, I had never seen an Alpaca before…let alone two!  These guys are pets, not being raised for their fleece.  Their thick coats had been sheared, all except for the tops of their heads.  They looked they were wearing puff-ball helmets.

Pygmy goats…again – an animal that is new to me!  Small in stature, big in attitude.  They did not take too kindly to Ripley’s attempts at rounding them up.  In fact, they started chasing her.  When I saw them using their horns on each other, I got a little worried for my dog’s safety.  After a while though, they acted like they wanted to adopt Ripley into the herd.  I think a friendship was starting to form between dog and goats.

Ripley didn’t try to herd the ducks – they stayed in the water.  I loved how the four of them moved in perfect synchronisation.  They were a tight little “Duck Unit”.  These guys were huge, with big long bills.  Swimming around the pond, they looked like one big duck.

So there – my wondering around a hobby farm led to some new introductions….and some adorable photo-ops.

What makes this little farm so special to me is that all of the animals have been rescued or adopted.  They are a mish-mash of creatures that needed a home, and, by various means, found one here.  They are fed, cared for and loved.

They all melted my heart.

Even the goats.


10 thoughts on “Some Puff-Balls, Horns and Bills

    1. Thanks! Phones take some pretty good photos too! I have been glad I’ve had mine on more than a few occasions when my camera is at home and not with me. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I liked the goats too…they were cute and pretty darn hilarious. They made me a tad nervous with those horns though…especially when they were giving my dog some of that attitude. In the end, everyone became friends! 🙂

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