Call It What You Want

“Pull that out, it’s a weed”  I was informed by a quote-unquote “Gardening Specialist”…someone that was looking to “spruce up” the gardens in my yard.  Initially, I thought this was a good idea, but was quickly changing my mind.  We were walking around the gardens, discussing the various plantings and design.  I’ll admit, I have let some of it get a little “wild”…a style that suits me very well.

“A weed?  I thought it was a daisy?”  I replied, suddenly doubting my assumption.  To me, these pretty little white flowers were perfectly acceptable inhabitants of the garden.  Sure, there are lots of new and interesting plants that have sprouted up from nowhere.  I never really thought that any of them didn’t belong here.  Besides, I control the invasive ones.  Or at least, I try to…

“No.  They are a weed that will take over and ruin your yard.”  The person informed me.  There was this tone of authority in their voice that was most regrettable.

To this I shrugged and looked around.  None of the other intentionally planted occupants of the garden seemed to be compromised by these so-called “weeds”.  Not at all.

“You call it a weed – I call it a daisy, so it stays.”  I said, much to the shock and dismay of this “professional gardening expert”.

I guess this is why two things are apparent in my garden:

  1.  Wild flowers are rampant and perfectly welcome in my yard..  As are the bumblebees and butterflies and hummingbirds that are attracted to them.
  2. “Gardening know-it-all’s” are not.

5 thoughts on “Call It What You Want

  1. I have to admit I have a few of these in my yaed as well… I knew they were weeds but they actually looked have decent when you see a few together…..alas… I must go pull them out now…..

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