It’s A Dog Day


It is late in the afternoon.  Ripley, like all of us, is completely devoid of the energy and motivation required to do any sort of physical activity.  Snoozing seems to be our favourite pastime on sticky summer days like this….

The clicking of my SLR caused her to open her sleepy eyes.  She had been trying to play with her hedgehog squeaky toy, but that proved to be quite taxing.  She caught a quick little cat-nap, holding it between her paws.  After taking a few more photos, I too succumbed to the heat.  I laid down in the cool grass beside her, thinking that this must be what is meant by the term, “the dog days of summer”….

To think, we aren’t even halfway through July yet.  There are many more lazy, hazy “dog days” ahead of us.

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