Gimme Balance

Yes, I am still working on my Dragon Fly images.

I just captured this one today.  The photo, I mean, not the actual insect!  I gave up on housework and spent an hour down by the water, chasing bugs with my camera.

Nature so easily achieves peace and balance, as this Dragon Fly is demonstrating.  As it came to rest on top of a reed, I was struck by how gently and quietly he sat – wings poised, body straight and long.

A moment in tranquillity.  An example of perfect balance.


6 thoughts on “Gimme Balance

  1. Have you ever come across a Luna moth? Such a beatiful creature, we have them in abundance here in Pennsylvania. The design on their back side is a lot like this dragon fly. You’re lucky to have gotten this shot! Amazing textures, you can almost feel their paper thin wings. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, I have seen exactly one Luna moth in my life. I was at my sister’s house in Atlanta…a Luna came to (briefly) rest on an outdoor lamp. Absolutely amazing. I still kick myself for not having my camera with me to get a photo of it.

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