Clematis {Spellbound By Purple}

I have a wall of continually expanding purple in my garden.  Every year it gets taller, more vibrant and even more beautiful to behold.

Is there any colour more regal than purple?

I have heard people say that Clematis is picky and fussy to grow.  I couldn’t disagree more!  As a rather lazy gardener, I find that the less I do to coddle this plant, the better it performs.

I do have Clematis in pinks and whites too.  Yes, they are quite showy as well.  They, however, completely fade out as this purple variety makes its entrance.  It is as if the other colours know they do not stand a chance in competing with this intoxicating colour.

Intoxicated is completely how I feel, as I have fallen under the visual spell of my purple clematis…

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