The Macro’s

I have so fallen in love with using macro photography.  Especially when it comes to flowers.  It has become a regular occurrence that I and my camera dive deep into petals and blooms.

When I was a child, I had a story book about Thumbelina, a girl so small she could crawl into flowers.  I would read and then daydream that I could be that small too.  The idea of making a bed out of a flower head seemed amazing.  I guess part of me is still that little girl, wanting to climb inside tiny, magical places….

Macro shots allow me to, in a way, be Thumbelina.

If I could, I would put an end all other activities and just spend my days capturing images at the macro level.

Here, I used my trusty 50mm lens, flipped around and held against the lens mount on my camera.  This is a very manual technique that forces you to be patient and steady.  The result is well worth the effort.  Though the focus of the image can be somewhat selective, I  find it only adds to overall effect and enhancing the dramatic tones.

7 thoughts on “The Macro’s

  1. I love Macro photography, it makes you realise how much we over look, how much more depth and beauty theyre are to things we just dont see. The most amazing photo I ever saw was an Eye by Macro, incredible. Love the post!

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